Whether you’re a singer, rapper, or spoken word artist, we can record your vocals with a wide variety of mics and remove any unwanted sounds that can occur during a take such as breaths, plosives, lip noises and the like. 

We have all the favorites so let us know your preferred mic or feel free to test the ones you’ve been dying to try.


In addition to recording, we also offer a range of vocal processing treatments to help shape and enhance your voice. This vocal chain can include everything from adding effects such as reverb or delay to the use of dynamics like compression, limiting and saturation. In addition, we can also make adjustments to proximity, off-angle deviations in post along with automations.

We will save these settings for you as your personal chain and have at your disposal for future recordings. This will allow you to maximize your time during your next session without the need to dial-in your sound.

Prices start at $100/HR