Sometimes, even the best recordings can have issues such as over clipping, noise, clicks, or other distortions that need to be fixed. We’re skilled in audio repair techniques and can clean up your tracks, removing any unwanted sounds or layers.


In addition to repair, we also offer a range of audio editing techniques to help you shape and fine-tune your music.  When mixing or mastering is not needed but certain individual audio tracks still needs some love. This can include everything from cutting and splicing individual audio clips to making it more cohesive to applying plugins to bring out the characteristics of what you’re looking for.


When we’re talking about dialogue, particularly in TV, movies or podcasts, editing is a must to address a myriad of events that can occur including hums, plosives, clicks and other mouth noises. Multiple adjustments are also required when multiple people are speaking at same time and/or when one person’s volume is not uniform based in relation to the others or sounds further away.

Prices start at $100/HR