Our sole purpose is to showcase your art in the best light!

COGNITO’s mission is to foster artistic growth and provide a platform for both emerging talent and established artists alike by helping to push the boundaries of their craft.  COGNITO aims to empower visionary artists to reach new heights and curate our own roster of electronic music Artists across a diverse range of genres and sub-genres within the electronic music ecosystem. 

From production assistance to creative direction, COGNITO offers a comprehensive range of services to support artists at every stage of their musical projects and thrive in the ever-evolving music industry.

And how is that done?

COGNITO is composed of 2 distinct divisions: 

The Studio and the Label.

With a shared commitment and passion for the genre, COGNITO is the go-to destination for musicians seeking to bring their creativity to life.  Backed by 25 years of experience and expert know-how, we are guided by industry standards and best practices.  Fully equipped with top-tier gear and expert know-how, COGNITO ensures that each project is sounds professional, polished, and a true reflection of the artist’s intended vision. 


Joubin Mova

Audio Engineer/Coach/A&R


Mixer and Mastering Engineer with over 25 years of experience in the industry and the electronic music scene.  His skills have not only been honed behind the decks DJing but also in front of his monitors in the studio.  With a multitude of releases under different monikers and the knowhow on how to move and shake the crowd, it’s safe to say that Joubin understands what it takes from conception to finish product.

Joubin is always learning new techniques and looking for the next emerging technology to push boundaries even further.  He’s a firm believer in that the magic is in the details and works tirelessly until it’s just right! 

Joubin believes strongly in passing his knowledge along so coaching 1-1 or in groups is also an important factor.  Even when working in studio, it’s important to give tips to the Artist to help them grow.

As an A&R, Joubin is driven to showcase timeless music and shed the light on music with something to say and serve as a beacon to other Artists who take notice of our process.

Denis Girod

Business Manager/Client & Partner Relations


As we strive to provide a unique experience, Denis’ passion for excellence and innovation ensures that we’re in tip-top shape and offer our best to our clients and partners.  He is responsible for overseeing the daily operations and business development of the studio, making sure that we’re a well-oiled and humming machine!

Denis is relentlessly seeking out new opportunities to challenge conventions and limits of technology while collaborating with partners to develop new applications.  He has leveraged his background in product management and development to successfully launch and market several tech products, but now he gets to apply them to a field near and dear to his heart.

His goal is to collaborate with artists, engineers, promoters and innovators to develop new experiences that showcase the COGNITO philosophy.